bank holiday relaxation…

Our August bank holiday weekend has come and gone. Even though it was a day longer than a regular weekend, it still seemed to fly by!

It was a relaxing time with Brent visiting from London. We spent some on the weekend looking for things for his new apartment – I love house stuff. We also enjoyed catching up, eating Indian food and watching some movies – Alice in Wonderland was a bit weird and wonderful while the North Face was compelling and tragic. Monday was a glorious day for a walk around the park, lunch in the park cafe and a wander around the Williamson Art Gallery ( before Brent got the train back to the big smoke.

Things seem busy this week with early get-aways from work required as a couple of people are coming around in the week to look at doing some work in the house, there is a shopping trip with some girls from work on Thursday and on Friday night we’re off to the Peak District camping. Unfortunately, though, early get-aways means even earlier get-ups!

Anyways, must get packing!