As soon as I left the house this past Friday evening with the van all packed up for a second weekend in a row camping, it started to rain.  This was the first rain this country had seen for a couple of weeks… Perfect timing, eh?

By the time we got to Chester to meet Paul, it was raining “cats and dogs”.  We set off for our campsite destination near Wet Bangor 006anyways and luckily Lauren was able to erect her tent in dry weather…

The rain started again in the night and when we headed out Saturday morning to start our walk in Snowdonia, we were forced into the decision that maybe the walk we had planned wasn’t such a wise idea.  The mountain weather forecast posted at the car park included the following weather conditions within it: wind speeds>80mph, temperatures <2C, fog, rain, and snow above 900 metres – where we would be for a significant portion of the time.  Do you think we made the right choice not to walk? 😉

So instead we went to a castle in Wet Bangor 006 called Penrhyn Castle (  That is a pretty cool place and one I’ve been wanting to check out for a while.  It was more like a stately home than a castle as it was never a used in defence and it was built by a wealthy Liverpool merchant.  Lets just say his tastes seemed to be pretty extravagant.  The exhibitions in the stable buildings were interesting about slavery (the castle owner had made a lot of his wealth as a result of the slave trade) and the slate mines in Wet Bangor 006.  Lunch was yummy.  It kept us largely out of the rain too although we did take a chance and wander around the gardens which would be nice to spend some more time in on a warm and sunny day.

Wet Bangor 001

At the end of our visit to the castle with the rain still continuing, we were forced to consider whether it was wise/worth it/would be “fun” to continue with the camping trip.  With no change to the weather forecast for the following day, bbq food that wouldn’t be able to be cooked and the prospect of sitting in the steamed up van for most of the night “keeping dry”, we ended up heading home to warm showers, warm food, a fire (also warm) and a movie.  I think hanging out on Saturday night in this unexpected way was my favourite part of the weekend.

So if the weather pattern follows, next weekend for our camping trip to the Peak District – should be a scorcher….?