back into the swing of it….

I enjoyed a sunny and warm bank holiday weekend working with Paul in the garden when I got home from Canada before having to head back to work….  Our patio is now extended and just a few touches are now required to finish it off.  It looks a lot more spacious and there is most definitely a lot more sun now.  Here is Paul having a break from the work with Stella.

Paul & Stella

When I got to it, work went by seamlessly enough but I was pleased to finish off the week with a trip to see Robert, Andy and the pussy cats on Friday night after a day in the office in Warrington. 

The weather wasn’t quite so amenable this weekend, unfortunately.  Rain both days – including for the Oxton Secret Gardens day on Sunday.  What a shame for the organisers and those people who had put great efforts into making their gardens look fabulous.  We had planned a BBQ with Jayne and co for the day so that ended up becoming an indoor affair.  But checkers, puzzles, baking and hide and seek made for an enjoyable time.  

2013-05-12 17.01.08

Stella started her “intermediate” agility class last night.  She spent some time at the beginning of the class saying hello to the other dogs as well as making sure I didn’t say too big a hello to them….  She behaved well enough after a 3 week break and did some good jumps for me. She seemed pretty tired at the end of it too which is always a success.  

In other more functional and practical news, I bought myself a new (well, new for me) car.  It’s actually older than the car I traded it in for but it’s an Audi so a much better car all around and with it being a diesel, the fuel economy should be good too.  I’m excited because it is an automatic and it has very low mileage so it should do me for a good few years…. And in answer to Annalie’s most important question about it, it’s “dolphin grey”. 😉

I’m out for dinner with Helen and Harriet for a catch up session in Liverpool before picking Brent up at Lime Street on Thursday.  He’s up for a weekend of camping.  Fingers crossed for the weather.  Fun, fun, fun.