Aunt June

Oh dear.  I had some very sad news last week when Mum called to tell me that Aunt June had died.  She got a very serious chest infection and just never recovered from it.  Wow – I am going to miss this very special lady.

She played a big part in our lives when we were little.  I used to love when she came to visit us in Alliston.  She was so cool living in the big city, working with interesting people and saying it like it was.  I always found her incredibly easy to talk too.  Even at an early age I realised she never judged and if she could say what she was thinking – hey, maybe I could do the same too!

I remember when she came and stayed with us when my Grandma died – that was definitely the silver lining in a cloud of the sadness.  Wow – Aunt June with us for more than just the day!  I was up early wondering when she’d get out of bed.  I’m not sure she appreciated 8 year old me pouncing on her as soon as she opened the bedroom door though!?

When we used to go to Toronto and visit her, we always got a big fuss and lots of cake and biscuits when we arrived.  She would have recruited any combination of Gail, Phillip, Amber, a neighbour down the hall etc. to come and visit while we were there.  I was always amazed how comfortable she was in her apartment in Scarborough – holding her own in a rough neighbourhood.  Tough lady.

Even when I was so far away, Aunt June was always close in my thoughts.  Whenever we used to go away for the weekend I would always be sure to look for a postcard to send to Aunt June.  I’m not sure how this started but in return, she used to make a big effort to write me letters.  I loved getting these from her – she used to write about her embarrassment about her shakey writing but the effort required made the letter all the more special.  She used to include little articles about dogs that she’d found in the paper and always asked about Stella. Yes – a letter from Aunt June in the post was much better than the usual collection of bills and takeaway menus!

We had a lovely visit with her when I was last home – such wonderful memories.  We took this picture of all of us.


Rest in peach, Aunt June.