Antonica and Rob’s wedding at the MacDonald Portal Hotel, Tarporley

I had a little trip out to the Macdonald Portal Hotel in Tarporley ( to help Nick ( capture the wedding of Antonica & Rob.

As I drove up to the venue down their access lane, I was treated to a breathtaking view of Cheshire.  Wow.  The wedding videographer, Joel ( was just arriving as I was.  We headed up to see how the hair and make-up preparations were going and how the bride’s nerves were.  I have become used to the usual air of chaos that greets me when I enter the bridal preparation on these occasions and Antonica (aka Tikka) and her girls were no different.  Pretty much all stages of readiness were plain to see before us…  Tikka’s sister was still in bed feeling a little rough after a heavy night the night before whereas Mum was pretty much ready aside from getting her dress on!  Tikka and Rob’s daughter, Tillie was also well into the swing of things with her hair done and her matching dressing gown on.
We took a little trip down to check out the ceremony room when there was a gap in proceedings with the girls.  Rob was understandably nervous and I’m pretty sure his pre-ceremony pacing may have caused some permanent damage to the carpet in the ceremony room…  Soon the 12 o’clock ceremony was upon us.  The kids came in first (cue the ahhs) and then the girls in their lovely pale blue dresses and then finally (much to Rob’s delight, relief) Tikka.
After the ceremony, the rain very kindly obliged and stopped just in time to enable us to get the group shots.  We would have really struggled to get a full group shot inside the hotel so someone was definitely looking after us.  We grabbed Rob and Tikka for a little wander before heading into the wedding breakfast and the speeches.  Tikka’s Dad spoke so fondly of his little girl and Rob did the same of his new wife.  Rob’s best man was a little close to the edge at times but totally manage to pull it off.  I think that is probably what a perfect best man’s speech is – on the edge but still managing to be acceptable to all.
After dinner we had a bit of a break before the evening festivities started.  So Nick got his new drone out out to get some shots of the venue.  The flight was plagued a bit by high winds and spots of rain but he still managed to get some nice footage of the venue for the wedding highlights video he puts together.
The couple took it well when the DJ played the wrong song for their first dance.  The first dance was interrupted by Tillie bursting in and doing a very cute dance with her Mum and Dad instead.  This encouraged everyone to get onto the dance floor.  Once I’m sure I’ve got the shots I need, I like to try something new or do something a little more creative at each wedding I go to.  This time I tried out a new flash set up during the first dance…
You can check that out – along with the other pictures from the day…