Another weekend passing at great speed…

The weather on Saturday was glorious for our pre-planned picnic with Helen and Harriet and their families at Otterspool Promenade in Liverpool.  I made a cake for Harriet’s birthday and Helen brought lots of salads and wonderful picnic food.  The views across the Mersey were lovely and the boys had a great time chasing Stella and playing catch with her.  It was nice to catch up.

In the evening we went back to Liverpool to celebrate Joanne’s 40th birthday party.  She was on fine form as usual and we laughed with (and sometimes at!) her and Gary.  The restaurant we celebrated at was called Meat – and the menu (true to its name) was perfect for carnivores.  I had an Argentinean stew which filled me up – although I don’t think I really needed to eat much after the picnic food from earlier.

On Sunday it was time for some house and garden work and then off to Jayne’s where Paul was helping to erect a greenhouse.  We also dropped Stella off there as she is having a holiday with Jayne and co for a few days as some building work is getting done at our house and we didn’t think she’d appreciate the strangers wandering around and loud banging noises.  This is another step in the progression of the kitchen to its final state.    The builders have been in taking out a wall and moving some electricity around.  It is pretty much back to a shell now!  Stella won’t know what’s happened to “her bedroom” when she comes back home!