Another Delamere camping success….

I took advantage of my new flexible working arrangements to start the weekend early by working at home Friday morning and heading off to Delamere Forest Park ( in the afternoon where we were to spend the weekend.

Paul came later on once he’d finished work but in the meantime Stella and I entertained ourselves by going for a walk in the woods and watching other people on the campsite.  Stella especially made friends with our next door neighbours as she was given sausages (and later pork and chicken) by them.  She was also interested in the resident site rabbits….

Saturday morning we got up and headed back out into the forest for 3 hours around the mere and the cycling skills area.  Paul was planning his future cycling route…  After a little snooze and some sun back at the campsite, we were out again for another walk preceded by some ice cream.  Stella has taken to being a little frightened of horses so when a convoy of  20+ horses passed us on the path, we feared the worst.  But after the shock of the first one, she was fine and didn’t bark at all.  We all had a little surprise though when the last horse in the convoy took a corner too sharply and fell over with its rider in toe.  After ascertaining that everyone was o.k. and making sure the horse got back up again, we headed on our way down the path.

There was a bit of a treat back at the campsite when a van turned up at tea time which made fresh pizzas.  We followed that up by a movie and the decision to allow Stella to sleep on the bed after a rather interrupted sleep the previous night with her persistent attempts to get up on the bed.  That seemed to work better once she stopped sitting on Paul’s face and snoring in his ear.

Sunday morning it was another walk along the quiet, early morning paths of the park and then we headed home.  It really is easy to camp there but you do feel like you’re away from normal stuff….


And it won’t be long until I’m back there as in 3 weeks time Brent is coming up and the site is booked!