Anniversary weekend in Llanberis

We had a bit of a debate over the weekend as to whether our camping weekend in North Wales to celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary was the wettest camping weekend of all time.  Although I was able to recall a few possible contenders for the title, I think we agreed it was definitely up there.

When we arrived, after solving the problem of the leaking tailgate (when I also learned that I have apparently missed out one of life’s most important lessons and that I should always, always have gaffer tape with me), we wrestled with an awning that was blowing about like a sail in the wind.  Once we’d overcome these weather related issues, we began to have a little look around and appreciate the campsite.  It had excellent facilities, loads of space on our pitch and it was just a short walk into the village of Llanberis.   I supposed we weren’t that surprised, though, as we’ve been to a few sites with the same owners with Frank and the standard is always very high

The next day we donned our full water proofs and headed out onto the trails of Padarn Country Park which was just a short walk from the campsite.  We stopped at Llanberis Castle on our way to the Country Park.  It was free to wander around and explore the tower – although Stella took this a little too literally jumping up the spiral stairs and onto a window ledge of the tower.  With my heart in my mouth, we descended pretty quickly!  Once in the country park, we found the ruins of the miners cottages at Angelsey Barracks.  These really fed my imagination as I envisaged what it was like for people living there.  The whole of Dinorwic Quarry had a genuine otherworldy feel to the place.  My camera loved it too and I realised I had been missing the very specific genre of hiking photography… although I was a little limited on the pictures taking front by the heavy rain.

The quarry was a bit of a discovery for us and we loved it so much we visited again on Sunday.  I stuck to the full waterproof get-up again although I could have gotten away with less (as Paul did) as it was a much drier day.  (All things are relative, of course…) We walked around Llyn Padarn and found a great view point across the lake in the quarry.  Later that day we learned that the proverb that a wet dog is the happiest dog really is true.  Oh Stella!

Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the dog friendly pub we’d ear marked for to visit for dinner.   A walk into the village through the various intensities of downpours after just getting clean and dry from the days walk wasn’t exactly appealing.  And we didn’t get up into the fells around Snowdon as planned either.  Nevermind.  We now have at least two really good reasons to revisit Llanberis and the lovely campsite again sometime soon.