anniversary camping weekend….

Well we had a special weekend this past weekend with three “firsts” to note:
* First wedding anniversary
* First camping weekend of the year
* First camping trip with Stella

We went to Betws-y-Coed in North Wales on Friday night and came back Sunday. Stella did well on her first overnight stay away – there were no toilet accidents in the van and she didn’t eat it either. Two of our main concerns. She was quite excited about the fact that she could sleep so close to her Mum and Dad and decided that she better check up on us throughout the night to make sure we were o.k. by jumping on the bed every hour or so. This might sound quite endearing but I can assure you it wasn’t at 4am! Her perseverance almost won over as we debated whether or not to just let her sleep on the bed. Almost. Not quite. The second night was better than the first and we’ve booked our next trip for 3 weeks time at a very local campsite in Delamere Forest just to give her even more camping experience!

Over the weekend, we ate some wedding cake that Harriet’s Mum had made us and we’d saved for the occasion. It was still lovely and moist and sweet. I didn’t want it to end. We also went for a couple of walks. I guess you’re not supposed to go too far with Stella on account of her growing bones and joints so we walked in the forest parks around Betws-y-Coed and enjoyed the views and the glorious March weather. We played ball on the village green and Stella had her first dip in a river. We had a drink in a pub’ s beer garden and spent some time on the campsite where Stella was very interested in neighbouring dogs and people. She was staring at the other dogs while they were trying to sleep or be calm and then taking them her toys to play with and just generally getting them all excited which was amusing to watch.


On the way back home on Sunday, we stopped and had a play in Jayne’s garden with puppy and the kids. I think this must be one of Stella’s favourite places – if not her most favourite place – in her little world… They are looking after Stella when we go to Canada in June and we’re already wondering if she’ll want to come back home when we come back!

Last night I went to see a play with a friend from work at a little theatre in Birkenhead ( The play was one I remembered from my university drama class called, “A Doll’s House” and it was amateur dramatics of the highest quality. A man I work with was the leading male character and I quickly forgot that he is actually a mechanical engineer by day! For the rest of the week I’m in Derby on Thursday with work, Puppy class Friday and I’m already looking forward to the weekend with another trip to Tatton Park on the cards to see Helen, Francis and Owen and time at home too.