An update and some more pictures… (are you bored yet)…?

I started my weekend early last week with a meal out on Thursday night with the team I work with at Capenhurst.  We went to the White Lion in Alvanley and had a nice relaxed dinner and a few laughs too.  It was nice to enjoy each other’s company outside of work.  Afterwards, Denis, Debbie and I went to take pictures from the nearby Frodsham Hill of the lights of Runcorn/Widnes and Stanlow.  It is quite a view….


On Friday I went for an early morning photography walk at Thurstaston and was treated to a dramatic dappled sky.  

“Throw those curtains wide.

One day like this a year would see me right…”

P1050990-1 P1060001-2

Stella seemed less interested in the sky and more interested in her ball.  Strange dog.

I then had a lovely lunch with Paul and Stella where we were able to sit out in Hamilton Square and enjoy the spring sunshine.  On Saturday after a day of garden work for Paul and dog walking and Pilates for me, we went to see Elbow at the Echo Arena.  They were fantastic.  The lead singer Guy Garvey is so charismatic and likeable and has an amazingly powerful voice.  Their songs are easy to listen to and the sound was great.  I would definitely go and see them again. 

On Sunday morning we went to see Ella and Hannah in a Tae Kwon Do competition in Deeside.  They both were so unbelievably calm and poised about the whole occasion and did well in their patterns and kicking.  Their best efforts were in sparring though where they both medalled.  Well done girls!  Everyone came over for dinner afterwards and some colouring and games of hide and seek.  It was (the other) Paul’s birthday on Friday so we had some cake too, of course….


Looking forward to the upcoming Easter Break and of course, my coming of age…. 😉