all good on the work front….

Well another week almost over and still all good on the new job front. Where the office is based is nice, really. I’ve joined the gym on the business park and I’ve had lunch at “the centre” a couple of times with friends that work in the area. I also had a manicure at the health and beauty place (in an effort to stop biting my nails!) and my car is booked for a mobile valet next week. All very convenient. Here’s a picture of the offices that we’re based in.


Last weekend we managed a pretty substantial walk in Wales – 12 miles starting at Aber Falls and heading up and around a lovely ridge of the Carneddau. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day and one of us didn’t wear sunscreen….and it wasn’t me. Guess who had a big red head at the end of the day? Angry And yes, I was trying to steal Paul’s cereal bar while he was smiling at the camera!

Aber Falls 009 Aber Falls 024 Aber Falls 006
This weekend we’re hosting Paul’s family for dinner on Saturday and on Sunday it’s a shopping trip to Chester (including lunch) with Helen and Harriet.

My big frustration this week is that my Canadian passport is coming up for renewal again. I was thinking about taking the route to dual citizenship – and a 10 year British passport – but then I found out it was going to cost me £735 to apply. Are you kidding me? So Canadian it is then. Smile But the cheaper option of renewing my passport and right of abode is going to cost about £200 anyways because they’ve changed the renewal procedure… And I have to do this every 5 years. Ho hum.