afternoon tea, jumping dogs and a picnic by the sea shore….

So there I was standing under the trees in the rain throwing the ball for Stella while walking to meet Paul at the pub and my phone rang.  It was Lauren calling from a hot and muggy Toronto on her lunch break – we had a nice little chat that really made my night.  But the weirdest thing is I got to thinking that 2 weeks previous I had been doing the same walk and throwing the ball pretty much under the same tree and my sister had called.  There must be some good energy in that place….  Think I’ll make a habit of standing there more often.

Before the phone call and walk, I had been in Manchester with Emily.  I had a tour of her new house and then we went for afternoon tea in the city.  I don’t know Manchester well so it was nice to be taken to a tea shop with a great atmosphere and hear all about the big plans she has for renovating her new house.  I can’t wait to see how the place changes in the next few months.

On Saturday we went to a dog agility show to see what it was all about…. Apparently Stella is good enough in agility to compete – the words of her trainer from the fun class we do on a Wednesday night.  The show was quite entertaining for all of us.  Stella was watching all the people and dogs and quickly realised it was a dog friendly placed and there was a high likelihood that everyone would make a fuss of her so she was delighted.  Paul and I were amused at the nature of the competition of the event – people had their ribbons pinned to their dogs kennels from previous wins and before each event all the owners would walk the course to see how it ran issuing imaginary commands to their absent dogs.  That was quite a sight.  The dogs were also funny – some quite focused and interested in the course, others more interested in what was going on off the course and deciding to go and investigate mid run.  It might be fun to try to compete a few times but I don’t think Stella and I will be going to Crufts anytime soon.  These people are really dedicated and travel far on the weekend for competitions and train long hours….  It’ll just be a hobby for us.

On Sunday we packed up the van and a picnic and headed to Moreton Shore.  We met Jayne, Paul and the kids there and had a walk, some food and a trip up the lighthouse.  It was a lovely day – a bit windy down by the sea – but the sun didn’t shop shining.  We had a cake for Jayne’s birthday and the kids didn’t want to go home at the end of the day – so that must be a measure of success.


This week I’m in the office until Thursday when I’m down to London.  Then we’re off for my work camping weekend in the midlands this weekend – and the current forecast is the weather is supposed to be dry…. Fingers crossed!