a weekend in perspective….

I’ve had a 4 day weekend this time around.  We were supposed to be going up to Cumbria for a weekend camping but I got a call from the campsite that we had booked to say that the site was flooded.  We spent about an hour wondering if we should head up anyways and stay at a different site but the news reports quickly answered that for us.  What transpired was that the whole area was very badly hit with flooding.  Seeing the pictures and video on the BBC tonight really puts it into perspective.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8373937.stm#bridges  The whole of the main street of Cockermouth, one of my favourite towns in Cumbria, will be closed for some time while business owners and residents try to get back on their feet.  The force of the water coming down the main street – up to 8 feet deep and with all the debris in tow – has completely destroyed shops and houses.  People had to be rescued from the roofs of their houses after breaking through to get up there in the first place.  Bridges on main roads have fallen down – in one case killing someone who was unlucky enough to be standing on it when it collapsed.  So although disappointed about having to cancel our camping trip this weekend, I have some perspective on what we missed out on compared to the trauma that some people have experienced as a result of the “inconvenient” weather.

We tried to have a few days out here and there locally instead and hit Manchester on Friday for the Christmas markets, shopping and a movie.  Saturday we walked to Birkenhead.  Sunday we took the the train over to Crosby and walked along the Sefton coast to Formby – about 10 miles or so.  Although it was my second experience of it, I loved Anthony Gormley’s modern sculpture on Crosby Beach called “Another Place” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Another_Place as much as I did the first time.

Today we headed to Cheshire Oaks and tried to stay undercover out of the rain.

Christmas Markets & Sefton Coast 006 Christmas Markets & Sefton Coast 014 Christmas Markets & Sefton Coast 028

Tonight is a cold, wet and dark night so I think the fire that’s crackling away in the grate is well justified.  It’s also taking my mind off that looming feeling that usually comes on a Sunday evening but is a day later for me that my weekend is over and it’s work as normal tomorrow….