a week in the lakes….

We’ve just got back from a week in the lakes… with a couple of days in Yorkshire tagged on at the end for good measure.

We visited some of my old haunts from when I lived in the area and we discovered some new favourites too.   Lauren and Davoud were with us for the first few days.  We got some good walks in and had some good barbeques featuring Cumberland sausage, of course.  Ice cream may also have been enjoyed on several occasions….

Week in the Lakes 023 Week in the Lakes 019 Week in the Lakes 047

The weather was pretty decent, actually.  With one exception – the day we decided to go up Scafell.  It was probably some of the worst weather I’ve walked in.  Even though we had made it half way up, given virtually no visibility, heavy and persistent rain and realising we’d strayed off the correct route, we made the decision to turn around.  Disappointing but sensible, I guess. Here are my fellow walkers at the highest point we got to.  Looking very happy?  You be the judge.

Week in the Lakes 015

Here’s a couple of more pictures from our travels around Cumbria. We walked around some Coppermines in Coniston and past some old mine shafts.  They had water running off them in a magical kind of way.  Very cool.

Week in the Lakes 078 Week in the Lakes 084 Week in the Lakes 121

The purpose of the homeward bound diversion to Yorkshire was to check out Gordale Scar and Malham Cove.  The roads we travelled on were very bouncy for Frank in some spots and there were hills a-plenty getting into and out of the campsite.  Definitely glad to have seen these amazing places, though.  We camped in the Scar and walked a circular route to Malham Cove (via Malham Tarn and Janet’s Foss).  We got to Gordale Scar first thing in the morning and we were the only ones in it scrambling up the waterfall to the top.  It’s an impressive site and one of those places that no picture does justice.  Malham cove was a much busier spot by the time we arrived.  School groups everywhere!  There is a lot of limestone in this part of the Yorkshire Dales.  Apparently millions of years ago, this part of England was all under a shallow tropical sea and the limestone is formed from shells and sea creatures that were present then.  Then the last ice age and associated glaciers did their bit to shape it.

Week in the Lakes 140 Week in the Lakes 179 Week in the Lakes 173

I think this has been one of my favourite camping trips to date.  I love the lakes. I could easily have carried on camping for another week or even longer.   (In fact, we’ve already planned the next weekend trip up in a couple of weeks to try and get a couple more walks in.)  We stayed in some nice campsites.  The good weather was a bonus and it was great to seize the opportunity to get outside and get lots of fresh air and exercise.  Being somewhere familiar makes things “easier” too.  The Yorkshire add on was also a bit of a bonus and something that’s been on “the list” for a while.

So, Paul, despite my not-quite-serious queries of “are we there yet?” on the way to the top of (every) mountain, fell, crag, tarn or whatever, I loved every minute of it!

Week in the Lakes 020