a visit to the old stomping ground…

We headed up to my old stomping ground this weekend when we went to Gosforth to stay with Ian and Debbie at their “second home”.  It is a lovely place right in the centre of the village and so nicely finished too.  They are really luck to have such a great retreat to go to.  

We arrived on Friday night and after we got unpacked, we met them at a pub in the village.  Stella liked it there a lot as she got lots of treats from the landlords and everyone generally loved her.  


On Saturday morning we got up and Ian made us the most amazing cooked breakfast.  Paul had to help me out with mine as it was so big…. We then headed to Drigg beach where Stella made friends with Leo, Bronte and Chip and ran like a lunatic for a couple of hours in and out of the waves.  After a stop at the gift shop and pub in Drigg – where Stella left her mark! – we went to Seascale and had some ice cream.  The flavours I had were lovely – Kendal Mint Cake and Jaffa Cake.  Paul begrudgingly let me have a lick of his Battenberg which was also pretty amazing.  


Then it was on to Debbie’s sisters house – also in the village – for a BBQ in honour of her partner’s daughter.  More general excess in the form of meat, salads and deserts.  I really enjoyed the stories we heard sitting around the fire.  Stella was non stop running around in circles all night with toys and balls – the crazy little thing.  All the other dogs were crashing out and she just kept going.  I actually wondered if someone had given her drugs!

Sunday morning it was my turn to be on breakfast duty as I made pancakes – topped with maple syrup of course.  Based on the fact that it looked like the rain had set in for the day, we left just before noon and ended up driving straight home.  We had planned on stopping for a walk along the way but I don’t think either of us were too keen and Stella was crashed out in the back of the car anyways… I think she may just have recovered from her weekend exertions this morning in time for doggy day care.  But when I dropped her off she seemed a bit scared of the Pomeranian puppy that greeted her.  It’s called Squiggly Wiggly and is currently about the size of a mango.  What a wimp our dog is.