a trip to Glasgow and a visitor from New Zealand

So straight on from the visit from Mum and Kim, I headed up on the train to Glasgow to attend IRPA13 http://www.irpa13glasgow.com/  This is the biannual meeting of the international radiation protection association – the theme of the meeting was “Living with Radiation – Engaging with Society”.  The majority of the lectures weren’t really up my street – presenting complicated research results with lots of data and graphs and not many practical examples.  The most interesting thing I attended were lectures by and about people that are living on land contaminated by the Chernobyl event – that was really eye opening.  But although the conference was a bit disappointing, I really enjoyed spending time in Glasgow and catching up with people I’d worked with at Rolls-Royce and Sellafield.  Especially Annalie, of course!  Annalie and I took a couple of opportunities to explore Glasgow including art galleries, tea shops and shops.



At the end of the week, Annalie and I travelled back to Birkenhead to spend the weekend together in Merseyside with Paul and Stella.  On Saturday, we went to Beeston Castle in Cheshire on a misty, grey morning and then had a stop at the ice cream shop on the way home.  White chocolate, oreo and raspberry ice cream – yum, yum.


On Sunday we went shopping in Chester – for old times sake – and today we went to Liverpool for a look in the new museum and to have some lunch.

In between we managed to watch a programme about the earthquakes that Annalie has experienced in Christchurch (the people are so positive in the circumstances – it’s a real triumph of the human spirit), put on Lush face masks (Stella was very interested), discuss plans for our trip to New Zealand (that’ll have to wait until funds permit, unfortunately) watch the BBC young musician of the year (the cellist won), have a meal out at Fat Momma’s and just generally catch up. I just dropped Annalie off at the airport for a flight down to Devon to see her family – I’m sure they will be delighted to see her.  We both have our eyes on the next IRPA conference in Geneva in 2014 as our next get together – so fingers crossed we both get permission to go on that one!

It’s my 2nd last week at Chapelcross this week and we’ve got another weekend in a cottage near Penrith this coming weekend.  The days are so long now but the weeks are still just flying by…