A sweet calzone, a long walk, an amazing sunrise and some carolling…

Well after the walk we did on Saturday I can safely say I am on track for our 23 mile “challenge” walk in January.  Denis, Paul, Stella and I walked 14 miles (well, 13.7 actually) in North Wales up Moel Fammau and along the Offa’s Dyke Path keeping a good pace to ensure that we would be able to meet the requirement for the walk in January of finishing in daylight.  It was a beautiful day for a walk, the paths were good and despite there being no ice cream opportunities along the way we enjoyed each others company and the opportunity to be outside.  Stella was pleased too with all the fussing and ball throwing which came with the walk.  

 P1030256 P1030300

I ensured I had the required energy with a meal out with Helen and Harriet the night before at a pizza place called Tribeca in Liverpool.  It was a cool place with a strong retro vibe – including an envious collection of Metamac clocks – and we had a good catch up as always.  I particularly liked hearing Harriet’s story about Seamus making his superhero outfit out of the kit I got him for his birthday.  I opted to skip out on a main course and went straight to the Sweet Calzone which I’m sure was good for my carbo-loading. Or that’s what I told myself, anyways. J  Sweet pastry, nutella and icing sugar are always a winning combination in my mind.

On Sunday, we got up early and were incredibly lucky to see the most amazing sunrise from our selected vantage point in Rock Ferry.  I really enjoyed taking lots of pictures and here are a couple of my favourites.  Paul won the award for being the most patient husband ever and seemed generally quite content with his role of chief ball thrower and supervising me to make sure that I didn’t get stuck in the mud along with my tripod.  Stella didn’t seem that bothered with the sunrise due largely to aforementioned ball throwing.  The rest of the day was a getting ready for Christmas kind of day with cards being written, treats being baked, parcels getting wrapped etc etc.  

P1030339 P1030346-1

Tonight we went to see Ella and Hannah’s school nativity play which was a great opportunity to sing a few carols and see the girls playing their guitars.  It’s a bit of a musical week, actually, as tomorrow night we are going to see two classical guitarists called the Katona Twins play at St. George’s Hall.  

And I also remember that my piano exam results should be coming through soon… Yikes! 😉