a real treat of a weekend

I have a very rosy glow about the past weekend. It was one of the most pleasant of weekends one could spend and I struggle when I try to come up with ways it could’ve been more “perfect”.

It was the weekend that we redeemed my win at the hotel that I stay at when I’m away with work; The Crown Hotel in Wetheral www.crownhotelwetheral.co.uk. The win included a weekend away with dinner, bed and breakfast. The staff really looked after us – we were upgraded to an apartment on arrival which was quite grand and had lots of space for us to spread out. They looked after us in the bar with a bowl of water for Stella and the food was lovely. Even the weather conspired towards perfection by staying dry and sunny for the duration of the weekend.

On the way up on the Friday we did 2 smaller walks – one which took in Brougham Castle and Brougham Hall and another which passed by a stone circle called Long Meg and her daughters http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Meg_and_Her_Daughters.  It reminded me of Castlerigg Stone Circle but had more stones, was larger and had a lot fewer visitors. Long Meg is the largest “key stone” of the circle and there are 59 other stones (her daughters effectively). There were also some very cool caves we saw as we strolled back along the river.


On Saturday we headed to Hadrian’s Wall and walked along a section of that. The section Paul had picked was well preserved and it was quite obvious as to why the Roman’s had decided to build it there. It ran along natural features in the land and you could see for miles. There was also a castle and a few turrets on the route to explore. The walk was 12 miles in the end – so with all the fresh air and exercise and another big meal in the bar that night, everyone was very tired that evening.


Sunday we walked another 10 miles through some pretty Cumbrian villages and what I described as quintessentially Cumbrian countryside: narrow lanes, stone walls, and sheep in the fields and on the surrounding fells. One of the villages we walked through was Kirkoswold – my good opinion of this place only improved when we found somewhere that sold ice cream. Stella got quite excited about chasing rabbits and pheasants especially along the river on the way back to the car.


Unfortunately on his way home, Paul got stuck on the M6 for an hour or so which wasn’t such a perfect end to a perfect weekend but at least they got home safe and sound. I am staying on at the hotel for another few days and then home to enjoy a long Easter weekend around the house with some baking and DIY on the cards. I’m looking forward to getting back home to them already.