A picture a day….

Last week, I gave myself a little mission to take a picture each day of the week and use this as a framework for this week’s blog. The good news is there is a picture for everyday of the week. The bad news is I might have cheated a bit as I didn’t take all the pictures. Hopefully you can forgive me. 😉 And thanks to other contributors….

Here we go:



Here we have our newly recovered kitchen chairs. I bought the fabric (with Brent’s help) and did some of the prep work. Paul finished them off. (To be read with some sarcasm), we’re off to an exciting start then…. 😉


Daycare 2

Tuesday is Stella’s day at “doggy day care”. She always seems quite pleased about being there. I think this is less about the other dogs being there and more about the number of balls available to play with though. This picture is courtesy of them.


Staff Meeting

Obviously not taken by me. I was quite busy at work in various meetings on Wednesday and found this rather amusing…. It appeared on my Facebook news feed.



From Mum as she was packing their bags for the Caribbean with the caption, “Don’t go Mummy!”  Paul said the suitcase would definitely be over weight like that! 🙂



This one was from Paul when he was home from work having his lunch. It made me want to be at home too.



Paul’s family birthday party where the cake we made was very large and very rich. Zero calories too.



Stella and I went to Hilbre Island. It was a bit drizzly and misty but that didn’t seem to put her off the scent of her frisbee.

I think the picture experiment was reasonably successful.  I wanted to capture the day to day stuff of just a regular week.  Each day is not always the most exciting or potentially picture worthy but there is usually a little something which makes us smile.

A mission worth repeating periodically – just to capture the little things I think. 🙂