a new discovery…

The weekend past I went camping with some people from work.  The weather has been amazing.  Warm, sunny and very little wind.

The new discovery bit is that we went to a place that I’d not been to before.  It was in North Wales on the Llyn Peninsula – the northern side of it.  It’s a beautiful coast and one which I definitely want to visit again…  The campsite was in a little village called Morfa Nefyn.  The village was small with a couple of shops and pubs all within walking distance of the beach.  The campsite was one of those ones with not a lot of silly rules to obey.  It was very quiet and our group had an area of the site basically all to ourselves.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the beautiful harbours and beaches that we discovered on our walks along the Llyn Coastal Path.  The path goes all the way around the peninsula and is 84 miles long. We just touched on a couple of those miles….

Morfa Nevyn 009 Morfa Nevyn 016 Morfa Nevyn 053

There was a pub right on one of the beaches called the Ty Coch Inn.  This means Red House Inn in Welsh… and it was red too.  This is now officially my favourite pub in Wales.  It can be reached by walking down the beach to get to it or by taking a private road through a golf course.  It feels like a secret discovery when you come upon it.  We went there on a number of occasions over the course of the weekend and it is a great little place run by a mother and her son.  Check out the website for the pub www.tycoch.co.uk.

Here’s a couple of “group” shots of the gang….  It was nice to spend time with some friends from work without that pesky “work” getting in the way!

Morfa Nevyn 032 Morfa Nevyn 043

Unfortunately, however, there were two negative things about the weekend:

  1. Frank didn’t make it.  He was awaiting the arrival of a rare part required to fix him.  This has since arrived and he is in full working order again.   Yes, that’s right.  I camped in a tent!
  2. Paul didn’t make it either.  He was working.

It will be a different story for the camping trip planned for the coming weekend.  Frank and Paul will be there.  Lauren too and we’re heading to our old faithful campsite in North Wales near Bangor.

Fingers crossed this great weather continues….