a lecture, 2 “catch-ups”, a party, lots of planes and melons….

So it turned out to be a pretty busy week last week…. Starting out on Tuesday night as there was a lecture on the Fukushima event which was at a conference hall around the corner from where I work.  I went along to that and I have to say I didn’t really learn anything new and I was a bit bored so that was disappointing…. Nevermind, I saw a couple of the girls from Capenhurst there so had a good chance to get caught up.

Thursday night I got caught up with another group of past-work colleagues when I met the girls from Rolls Royce at a pub near work.  I heard tales of more staff leaving and a general sadness about the place.  It’s a shame, really as everyone is really nice and it is difficult being in a situation where you’re unhappy in work and haven’t been there very long.  Things just haven’t happened as expected there.  Very pleased that I’ve kept in touch with a few people though and as I’m just around the corner, hopefully get to see people relatively routinely still.

Friday night it was fish and chips with Robert and Andy after work which is lovely as always and involved lots of laughing and Robert dressing me up like his Grandma with a big wool jacket and blanket on my knees….  Saturday it was Helen’s 40th birthday party bash at a party hall near Warrington.  There were balloons, a 3 course meal, entertainment and lots of wine.  I drove across with Harriet and as I was feeling slightly sleep deprived and she is breast feeding Hughie, we left before we had a chance to see too many of the effects of inebriation but the food was lovely and it was nice to see Helen looking so good and happy with all her friends around her.

Sunday we went to the Southport Air Show with Jayne, Paul, the kids and Stella.  The weather was perfect for it – not too hot but nice and sunny.  It was definitely a great show with lots of different planes to see and the main display of the show, The Red Arrows, doing lots of impressive stuff to wow the crowds and make every kid want to be a pilot.  Ella, Hannah and especially Josh loved sitting in the Red Arrow they had parked up and watching the display.  We had a nice picnic and Stella was pretty good – she pulled on her lead a bit but was fine amongst the crowds and with the loud airplane noises.  And she slept all evening.


Back to work today but things are feeling a bit more relaxed as I finished off a draft report last week so everyone is having a look and commenting on it today.  Be nice, now! 😉

But before I go, I mustn’t forget to mention a comedy moment.  I bought 3 watermelons at the supermarket.  These are smaller than Canadian watermelons but still the size of a small football or something.   I came in the back of the house with the groceries and set the bags down on the steps while I went back to the car to shut the boot and lock it.  Stella was in the backyard so was running in and out of the gate with me.  One of the bags of shopping tipped over…. Of course it was the one with the melons in and the melons rolled out and down the back steps into the back lane way.  Stella thought it was great game that these 2 balls were rolling around and was chasing after them.  I was also chasing after them because I’d just bought them and am rather enjoying melon at the moment….  A man came into the lane way to go into the flats behind our house and was looking at me strangely – he didn’t smile or anything.  Probably thought best not to smile at the crazy lady with the dog and 2 melons.  Catch line of the day, “Stella likes Mummy’s melons….” 😉