a dog named Theo…

This really amuses me…. Call me silly but it’s because of the way Theo is pronounced with a scouse accent. Part of the accent is that “Th” comes out as “F”. So the dog of Paul’s colleague whose name is Theo will only ever know itself as Feo…. 😉

I’m off to Cambridge tomorrow for the International Symposium of Occupational Exposure. How exciting….? It should be really good, actually. There are lots of lectures that are really relevant to what I do and some of the presenters are people that are experts in the field. Brent is going to join me too so it’ll be nice to have his company and a friendly face to have dinner with in the evenings. I’m also going to stop off in London on the way home to get my first official viewing of Brent’s new flat and spend some more time in his “hood”.

We went for a bit of a bike ride yesterday and got a bit muddy in Arrowe Park and a bit wet in the drizzly rain along the promenade.

It was still lovely to get outside and get some exercise, though and much preferable cycling conditions than gale force wind! We also went to Port Sunlight garden centre and looked at all the Christmas decorations. Very nice. This display reminded me of Lauren!

On Saturday night there was a big pay per view boxing match on. Paul decided to get it and although I’m not a huge fan there was a lot of hype so I decided to stay up and watch it with him. It was really boring to start with and nothing at all really happened in the first two rounds. I decided to take a pee break for the 3rd round and ended up missing the finish of the fight by technical knock out! Doh! Typical!