a British first…

It’s probably been a while since I could say I’ve done something traditionally British *in Britain* for the first time.  I guess after 10 years most of the British stuff I wanted to do has been ticked off the list….  But on Saturday I had my first “afternoon tea”.  Afternoon tea (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_(meal)) became popular about one hundred and fifty years ago, apparently, when rich ladies invited their friends over for an afternoon cup of tea. They started offering their visitors sandwiches and cakes too.

Manchester 023

There it is.  Sandwiches on the bottom (no crusts, sliced cucumbers), scones (with jam and clotted cream) and some lovely little pastries on the top tier.  I’m not sure if I’m the first person to have their afternoon tea with diet coke rather than a pot of loose leaf tea – probably not – but I did feel a bit like I was breaking some golden rule doing so.  Kind of like ordering a shandy on a real ale brewery tour or something…  Faux pas!

This tea formed part of a lovely day out in Manchester with Lauren and Joscelyn.  I don’t know the city very well but it is nice to wander around in and there’s lots to see (and take pictures of!)  It is always fun to spend time with these two and we finished the day off with fajitas and the movie “Meatballs” last night.  Very funny.

Manchester 006

So what’s on this week?  Well Lauren is graduating from university.  Nothing less than a Master’s with distinction.  Well done, Lauren.  There is a meal out to celebrate the occasion.  I’m also having a meal-out-catch-up with Helen and Harriet.  This one is a bit special because both of their birthday’s are coming up so two more reasons to celebrate.  Friday it’s back up to Cumbria for another weekend of camping and walking.  Lots to look forward to.