a break from work?….

Well – not really but I’m up in Fort William this week working.  I’ve been watching some inactive trials for a task we’re planning on undertaking on a “real plant” soon.  It’s been interesting to see things happening and talk to the guys doing the work.  It also has been a bit more “relaxing” than a normal work week due largely to the much shorter commute from the hotel to where we’re working.

The weather here has been cooler than “down south” and less sunny too but no rain so far.  Very pleasant really.  (Apparently that will all be changing for tomorrow….)  I took this picture when I was sitting having my lunch on the edge of the Loch.  I think Birchwood Park is a nice place to work but this beats it hands down, I’m afraid!

Fort William 004

I can also see the top of Ben Nevis from my hotel room as it comes and goes from view due to the clouds.  There is still a tiny bit of snow up there!  I’ve had a couple of walks around the town and last night had dinner at the fish restaurant that sticks out into the Loch.  Very fresh stuff. I think we might go there again tonight….  I would like to do something a bit more substantial on the outdoors/walking front but we’ll have to see how tomorrow plays out work wise first.

I leave here on Friday morning and meet Paul in Windermere on the way back down.  That’s the start of our holiday in the Lakes.  Very much looking forward to that and to spending the whole week together after a week away.

And I’ll leave you with a picture of the Liverpool skyline taken during our most recent cycling adventure on the Wirral last weekend.  Another lovely, warm, sunny day.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!