a bit of walking and a bit of dancing….

I’m well into 2014 now with a week of work under my belt…  Not that getting up this morning seemed particularly easy!

We are on track for our 23.5 mile challenge walk at the end of the month after clocking up another 19 miles up and down hills, through heather and across lots of frosty paths on Sunday.  We started early from Llangollen and kept a good pace to finish in under 7 hours.  We all felt a bit tired and stiff when we got home – but it was good.  All these walks are definitely improving my fitness as it didn’t seem as long a slog as I thought it might.  I managed to take a couple of pictures along the way too.

P1040065-1 P1040074-1

On Saturday morning,  I had an all-weather experience down at the lighthouse with Stella in the morning with hail, rain and a bit of sun too.  You can see how wet it has been in this picture.


In the afternoon, we headed off to the pantomime with Jayne, Paul and the kids.  It is a local production which the kids loved – the fact that the actors and the format was the same as last year left the adults a little less excited but it was fun to see the reactions of the kids.

In other news,  there are a lot of us stepping out of the 30s and into the 40s this year and Wioletta was the first last week.  Happy Birthday, Wioletta!  And I saw a man standing on a bench at an intersection dancing his heart out last week – he was pretty good too and really going for it.  I’m not sure what the motivation was for the dancing – maybe he knew about Wio’s birthday? –  but it made me smile and I gave him a honk to let him know.

Happy Monday, everyone!