A bit of a calamity and a bit of something normal but surreal…

Well after our lovely weekend in Derbyshire, I had a bit of a calamity of a week last week.  I don’t know if I got a bug or ate something funny but my tummy was not playing ball at all…. I also managed to walk into the fireplace in our bedroom giving myself a couple of lovely bruises as well as burn the inside of my throat while eating a hot potato so I was just generally feeling sorry for myself last week.

Thankfully, I was almost back to 100% in time for my trip down to London to see Katrina who was passing through London on her way home from Germany.  We had a great time catching up and shopping.  We also went to see the musical “Once” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_(musical)) at the Phoenix Theatre in the West End which I highly recommend and ate at a restaurant Brent recommended called the Dean Street Townhouse which was also equally lovely.  It felt really *normal* to be wandering around and chatting with Katrina but also slightly surreal at times.  Katrina did Paul proud by buying the two men in her life matching Liverpool jerseys….


It was great to catch up and after saying goodbye to Katrina who was on her way to Heathrow, I headed to Euston for my train home.  On Sunday morning, Paul, Stella and I headed out for an early morning sunrise photo opportunity at New Ferry.  I tried lots of different shots but this was my favourite.


That was followed by a bit of gym, an afternoon walk and watching the Olympics.  This week I’m really looking forward to the Gold Medal Women’s Hockey Game on Thursday – US vs Canada.  It’s always a classic match-up.  Go Canada!