41 years and counting….

Well this week Mum and Dad celebrate their anniversary.  41 years.  How wonderful.

We had a lovely weekend with a walk out to Hilbre Island and a BBQ with the old Capenhurst crowd on Saturday. None of us work at Capenhurst anymore but I’m happy to say we’ve all become great friends. It was great to catch up with them and, despite the forecast, the weather stayed dry both for the walk and the BBQ that followed. We set off to the island at about 1pm and got back to the house at 5pm. As it was an island open day, it was busy out there but there is always enough space not to feel crowded and the seals were out for the occasion too. When we got back we had some drinks and did some chatting and then we ate outside. Everyone had brought some food to share so we were stuffed at the end of all the eating. Fortunately I saved enough room for Stuart’s sticky toffee pudding which has now reached cult status.

Hilbre Island and BBQ 009 Hilbre Island and BBQ 008

On Sunday we went for an early morning bike ride on the lovely warm, sunny day that it was. This was followed by a walk into town and around the shops and then a visit to see Jayne, Paul and the kids for some hide and seek, football and parachute games.

I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself this week as I’ve been suffering from a bit of a cold but I think I’m getting to the end of it now…. Fingers crossed.

The long weekend is now approaching (rapidly? I wish it was more rapid, actually!). 3 days off, very exciting! Brent is coming to visit which will be lovely. We don’t have anything noteworthy planned other than some much needed relaxing and just generally seeing what the weekend brings.