4 days to go…

Can you believe it?  Only 4 days left before Santa comes down the chimney…. Well I hope so, anyways.  I think I’ve been pretty good this year….Angel
This year I’m working right until Christmas Eve so that seems a bit weird.  I figure it’s my turn.  The last couple of years I’ve been jetting off to Canada the week before the festivities began so its probably time one of my colleagues had a chance to have a nice long break instead of me…
So what’s been happening on the run up to Christmas this year…?
Well Harriet and Pete had a baby boy earlier in the month which is the most exciting news.  He’s called Seamus and Lauren and I met him for the first time on Friday.  He’s a very cute baby and Mum and Dad are very happy and seem to have been born to be parents.
Paul and I finished decorating the morning room last weekend.  That was kind of a drawn out process in the end but we’re both pleased with the final results.  The reason it took quite a while in the end was not actually due to my very “thorough” decision making process on the colour of brown paint to go for but because a number of rather major things had to happen before redecoration occured… like the boiler had to be replaced and the walls had to get plastered.  Got there in the end, though.  What do you think?
Tonight we’re having a family Christmas with Lauren and Davoud in Liverpool.  Looking forward to that… As for the rest of the holidays, Paul and I will probably spend the majority of Christmas day together “just the two of us”.  We will go visiting his family (including 2 neices (4 yrs) and nephew (3 yrs) which should be rather fun) once we’ve opened presents and filled our faces with roast dinner.  I’m excited because it’s our first Christmas together and our first Christmas in the new house.  Lots of firsts to look forward to this year… and the firsts of many… of course. Blah. Tongue out
Other activities on the holiday agenda include eating, walking (if the weather behaves itself) and hopefully getting through some of those little jobs that we just never really seem to find time for….
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.  Enjoy your holiday… whatever you do and wherever you are. Red heart