3 bags full

So I think I mentioned that work on the front garden has commenced and there has been some digging and clearing and shopping for materials as we try and figure out what the finished article will look like…. On Sunday we took a trip to the tip/dump with 16 bags of soil that are now surplus to requirements. 16 was deemed to be the maximum number of bags which could be safely carried in the van without affecting the suspension in an adverse way. On Monday however, the rules changed and 19 bags of soil were carried. What was the difference I hear you ask? Well – I didn’t make the trip to the tip on Monday and therefore wasn’t in the van. So I am apparently equal to 3 bags of soil. I have been called worse, I suppose. 😉

Other stuff that has been going on this past weekend includes fish and chips with Robert and Andy, a visit to see Rachel, Beth and John and a walk with Julie and the dogs at Leasowe Bay. We also discovered a new walk on the Wirral on the weekend. It was Bidston Moss which I guess used to be the tip for the area but was covered with top soil and now has a path around it and lots of green things growing. To get there you had to travel under the motorway and a couple of bridges which brought a different edge to the walk. Apparently some of this qualifies as street art rather than graffiti but it was neat to explore somewhere new whatever you call it…

P1050883-1 P1050889-1

This week I am trying a new hair dresser (queue the purple hair….) and we are going to see the Lightening Seeds on Friday at the Liverpool Philharmonic…   On the work front, I should be starting to spend more time in Warrington which will hopefully bring a welcome variation to my work.