2nd honeymoon…

Well we’ve been spoiled….

We’ve had 11 consecutive days off work after only having to take a few days holidays.  It’s the way Easter, the Royal Wedding and May Day bank holidays have fallen.  And to top it off, the weather here has been fantastic.

As soon as we realised how these holidays were going to fall, we booked a week in our honeymoon cottage in Boot.  We got back home on Saturday after a wonderful week.  This trip, of course, we had Stella with us who learned to love the cottage as much as we did, I think.  Unfortunately our holidays are now drawing to a close with work looming for tomorrow but we are already talking about going to “our” cottage again next year.  It is a pretty special place.

Anyways – here’s some pictures and our usual list of highlights/lowlights:

  • Most consistently good thing = the weather
  • Best walk = Wasdale Valley
  • The biggest first = Stella’s first ride on a train.  The L’al Ratty steam train from Ravenglass to Eskdale Green.
  • Oldest historic site – Hardknott Fort
  • Most hair raising drive = Hardknott Pass
  • Funniest thing = Walking down a muddy slope and Paul saying, “you wouldn’t want to fall down here” and guess what happened next?  I ended up on my bum covered in mud!
  • Best wedding memories revisted = Staying in the cottage and a trip to St. Olaf’s church.
  • Biggest change of scenery = Driving directly from the mountains to the beach.
  • One and only shopping trip = Ambleside and its selection of hiking/walking shops.
  • Cutest moment = The little black lambs that came over to Stella thinking she was their Mum/playmate.  Their “real” Mum’s were less than impressed.
  • Biggest over-indulgence = Polishing off 2kg of Tangfastics given to me as a birthday present.  They had a one way trip to Cumbria.  Yum and yuck all at once.
  • Total number of ticks that attached themselves to Stella = 8
  • Scrabble champion = Val
  • Trivial Pursuit champion = Paul
  • Ball chasing champion = Stella
  • Puzzle completion time = 6 hours