2nd blog of the year

I will get around to coming up with more creative blog titles as the year progresses but I’m just feeling a bit lazy right now….

It’s all back to normal here.  I’m back up at Scotland this week and back into real work.  I wish the holiday could’ve gone on forever but since the lottery numbers haven’t come up, work it is!  We’re used to the routine of me being away now and it is manageable but I would prefer my own bed each night and the company of Paul and Stella given the choice.

This past weekend we went to a 40th surprise birthday party on Friday evening and Paul’s cousin’s birthday celebrations on Saturday.  It is nice getting to know some of Paul’s friends a bit better – I think there would’ve been some sore heads both Saturday and Sunday morning.  On Sunday Paul was trying to remedy a leaking window sill at the front of the house.  I also had a nap to catch up on lost sleep due to 2 nights out on the weekend…not that I’m getting old or anything!

I went to a piano lesson last night in Carlisle which was great – I really enjoyed it.  (So on track with my resolution then!) I was nervous at first playing for someone I didn’t know and who was obviously assessing me but Heather was lovely and very encouraging.  She seemed to think that I’d been taught well and I remembered things she hadn’t expected me too.  I discovered that notes are called different things in the UK compared to what I’d learned Canada.  When she started talking about semiquavers and demisemiquavers, I thought I really had forgotten lots as it didn’t sound at all familiar but it turns out these are just different terms.  I’ve got quite a lot of things to practice so I look forward to that when I get back home.

I’ve been thinking today about my life as a dog owner/lover a year on so that might be a feature of my next blog. 🙂