1st camping trip of the year

I was really delighted to enjoy our first camping trip of 2015 this past weekend. It was all good really.


Our destination was Silverdale which is on the Lancashire/Cumbria border. I think our campsite was in Cumbria but the village of Silverdale is actually in Lancashire so we crossed back and forth a few times over the course of the weekend. We had been to the area before in November last year when we did a very long challenge walk. Although the distance of the walk on that occasion didn’t thrill me, I thought that we walked on some lovely paths and had some beautiful views in a relatively quiet and untouched part of the world. Hence the revisit.

We arrived on a very wet Friday night but the sun was with us for Saturday morning and our walk of just about 12 miles. Some of the paths were familiar from our last visit but the pace and distance were much more palletable to me. We even had time to stop for ice cream in the charming village of Arnside en route and I was also able to get my camera out for a few pictures along the way. After the walk, we enjoyed a lazy afternoon at the van chatting, eating and then sleeping. Sometimes life seems too busy for this down time. The campsite was very civilised indeed – although it was really set up for static caravans the facilities were very good for us tourers as well. There was a swimming pool, shop, restaurant, bar and games room which would be great if you were visiting with a family on a rainy day.

P1110703 P1110705


On Sunday, it was a bit of a cloudier day but we continued on our discovery of some new paths as well as joining onto some more familiar ones.

P1110690 P1110711

Stella enjoyed the walking, ball playing and watching the action on the campsite. Particularly the rabbits. She made friends with some of our campsite neighbours – although people friends are always better than dog friends. She also thought it necessary to sleep between us at one point on Saturday night – upside down, head on the pillows. This was quite cute except for the fact that the bed is quite narrow for two people – nevermind two people and a dog! Thankfully she got a bit tired of the cuddling and after a short while found her way to her own bed on the passenger seat where she usually sleeps.

Silverdale is a really good place to visit and it’s not far from home for a weekend visit. It might be a while before we head back there as I think there aren’t many walking paths remaining that we haven’t frequented in the past couple of visits, but I definitely don’t think it will be our last trip to this quiet corner of the world.