weekend update

There wasn’t too much to report about during the week this past week.  The usual work, house, piano and dog entertaining stuff.  There doesn’t seem much spare time for much Monday – Friday, that’s for sure.

Of a more interesting nature, this past weekend has just flown by.  On Saturday night we hosted a Capenhurst dinner party which was a lot of fun.  Why didn’t I take any pictures….?  That was silly.  Julie was back from Paris (but unfortunately Stuart wasn’t).  We made pies in honour of her Wigan heritage.  (She’s not from Wigan, really, but we like to tease her that she is….)  There was also mash, mushy peas and a choice of 3 deserts – contributed by other attendees.  It was nice to see everyone and catch up and I liked the game we played where everyone put a fact about themselves into the hat and we drew them out and had to try and guess whose fact it was.  Apparently Dave once tried to hatch an egg by sitting on it and Simon almost tried to burn his school down.  Funny.

On Sunday morning we served pancakes to several of our guests who didn’t make the journey home.  Dave now lives in Cumbria and Fred and Barbara have just moved to Wiltshire so it might have been a bit far for them to drive!  When they’d gone, we took Stella for a walk at Hoylake.  The tide was way out and we walked right out to the water – haven’t done that since I was a kid.  It was a clear and sunny day – the wind was up a bit but it was all together quite pleasant.

2013-02-17 12.09.10

This week my blog related challenge is to think of a song for everyday of the week and make a record in next week’s blog of the song and the reason why it related to the day selected.  Starting today.  Wish me luck.