More trips up to Scotland and also West Cumbria this week. I had a problem with the hire car this week when the clutch completely burnt out on my way to work one morning. That was interesting…. It was a bit of hassle but I was safe, I got to work o.k. and sorted out a replacement too so it definitely could have been worse. We were also bidding for some work on Thursday which was quite stressful and, due to schedules, had to be prepared for at the last minute.  Before coming home, I had a lovely meal out at a pub I’d been wanting to try with Emily which was a perfect end to a long week.

Last weekend, we had a lovely walk to Hilbre Island and some Frisbee throwing with Stella.


There was definitely a chill in the air and after running about in the rock pools and streams, Stella looked cold and wet when we got home so we got a fire going and the 3 of us enjoyed our evening in front of that. That was my favourite part of the weekend. Other weekend highlights included a chaotic children’s party for Josh and an evening of fish and chips and relaxation with Robert and Andy. I also went to see Ella and Hannah’s class assembly on Friday morning. It was very entertaining and they both did really well with their speaking lines.

This weekend we’re all set for another trip to Wales and a walk.  Paul is working Sunday and I have a Skype date with Melissa.  The days are lengthening quite dramatically now too which always makes me feel a bit more sunny inside.