“that was awesome”

This past weekend saw another camping weekend come and go. I do enjoy these weekends. Brent came up from London too which was great. The long days and (current) warm weather of June are always bound to enrich the camping experience.

We went to Porthmadog in North Wales and headed up Snowdon on Saturday. Brent’s first of the “big three” peaks. One down, two to go. Check! It was a beautiful day for a walk – sunny, clear but not too hot. The way up was a voyage of discovery as we passed old mine workings, delicate alpine flowers (subsequent research has found these are called London Pride – coincidence considering the residence of one of the walking party? I think not!), enjoyed amazing views and all from an excellent, clear, well laid path.

Porthmadog & Snowdon 009 Porthmadog & Snowdon 013 Porthmadog & Snowdon 022

Unfortunately the actual summit experience was disappointing. Although the views were stunning, this was overshadowed by the Black-Pool-like crowds at the top of the mountain. And the smell of sewage. (I’m thinking that the plumbing associated with the newly refurbished summit cafe isn’t functioning as it should be…) I was looking forward to my first experience of the cafe which was closed on my first time at the top and under renovation on my second. It is very well designed and I guess is as “in keeping” with the surroundings as it could possibly be being quite ski chalet-esque. A train can be boarded at the bottom of the mountain to take you all the way to the cafe at the top so hence the call for amenities. I guess this all makes it a more appealing, accessible visitor attraction but it has removed the solitude many mountain peaks bring and appears to be affecting the natural mountain environment in very obvious, negative ways. Give me a quiet peak, off a not so well trodden path any day….

Porthmadog & Snowdon 014 Porthmadog & Snowdon 004

When we got back, we were able to sit out on the campsite in the sun and enjoy our BBQ. This was followed by watching the England football match in the pub/function room on the campsite (or in my case, just the first half of the match)…. I do wish I could get behind England in their World Cup efforts. It’s just that all the stuff that goes on with the fans watching the game before, during and after the matches really puts me off. A draw was the result of the game following a blunder by the England goal keeper. Poor guy. The press is talking of nothing else….

This week is our 3 month mo-versary and we’re going out for a little celebration on Thursday. I love mo-versaries.